Towing Capacities on the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickup

The F-series has been America’s best-selling truck for, roughly, forever, and has been in production for the better part of a century. But its not just the F-150. If you need a full-size pickup over 8500 GVWR, the F-series Super Duties set a high standard, with the Most Horsepower in its class, the Most Torque in its class, and the highest Maximum Towing in its class.

Here’s a quick rundown on the numbers:

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A Real Car Buying Experience at Ken Wilson Ford – Paul C. and his F-250

At a car dealership, there’s nothing better than when a customer comes back in and tells you how much he loves his new vehicle.

A couple weeks ago, Paul C. purchased a new 2012 Ford F-250 here at Ken Wilson Ford, and he was in the neighborhood, so he stopped by to tell us how much he loved his new truck. I sat down with him to talk about his truck, what his plans are with it, and what his car buying experience was like.

He used to own an F-150, and was originally planning on trading in for a used F-150, but when he took a test drive of a Super Duty F-250 with a Powerstroke Turbodiesel engine, he was hooked. Since he uses his truck to pull his travel trailer, the extra power of the F-250 was important to him.

Paul C. 2012 F-250 Lariat

Paul C. and his new 2012 F-250 Lariat

Some excerpts of the interview are below:

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