Eco-Friendly Features of the 2014 Ford F-150

When buying a new truck, the main concern on the mind of most people are the obvious things – getting the right length bed, the right style of cab, an engine strong enough to haul everything you plan on hauling. Increasingly though, we’ve come across people who are looking for something more out of their truck. They want to know that the truck they buy is built from the ground up with an eco-conscious attitude. They want to know that their truck, in addition to being able to perform its job duties effectively and efficiently, is also in line with their values – respect for the planet, recycling as much and as often as possible, and a commitment to reduced carbon emissions.

When Ford designed this generation of F-150 and F-series trucks, they took these values into consideration, and the trucks that come off the line in Kansas City, Missouri and Dearborn, Michigan come standard with a number of eco-conscious materials.

Rice Hulls

The big update for the 2014 F-150 in terms of sustainably sourced materials is the addition of Rice Hulls. Continue reading


Eco-Friendly Features of the 2013 Ford Escape

The 2013 Ford Escape is a great option for people who are searching for an eco-conscious vehicle, often in ways that aren’t immediately apparent.

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EcoBoost Engine
Fuel Saving Design
Recycled Materials

EcoBoost Engine

Many of  you know that the Ford Escape used to have the option of being equipped as a hybrid vehicle. While this is no longer available, Ford has added the option of getting your Escape equipped with an EcoBoost Engine. This is a purely gasoline engine, but Ford has tweaked it so that it can do a lot more, while using a lot less fuel. It does this through a combination of direct fuel injection, a single turbocharger, and twin independant-variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT). Continue reading