2015 Ford Transit – Available Late Summer 2014

One of the trainers from Ford visited today to demo the new 2015 Transit for our sales staff.

2015 Ford Transit Asheville Waynesville Canton

It is not an understatement to say that we were completely blown away by this vehicle! Here’s a couple things that we learned in the training meeting:

– The Transit is going to be built on F-series chassis, so our service technicians are already going to have years of experience working with the components of the Transit from day one.

– The Transit comes in a 150, 250, and 350 model, and can be configured as either 8-passenger, 10-passenger, 12-passenger, or 15-passenger. You can also get it equipped as a cargo van.

– It also has three roof height options, the tallest of which being 6’5″ inside! The shortest roof height puts the entire vehicle under 7′ tall, making it easily garagable.

– The new Transit will offer the 3.7L V6 and the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, both of which are currently available on the F-150. The new Transit will also introduce a 3.2L I-5 Powerstroke Turbodiesel.

– The Transit can be serviced at any of Ford’s 3,500 dealerships nationwide. You won’t have to go to a specific dealer to get service done on your Transit, and you won’t have to worry about being too far from a dealer if your work involves travelling.

– The rear doors can be equipped to open out to 270 degrees (flat against the side of the vehicle), so that you can fully back up against a loading dock. Plus, a magnetic bumper system holds the doors open for you without you having to worry about the door scratching the sides.

2015 Ford Transit Asheville Waynesville Canton
– On the passenger van Transits, each passenger’s seat reclines individually, and there’s plenty of room to get to the back seats without having to bend over at awkward angles.

– Prices for the Transit are comparable to those of the old Econoline series. For example, a 2014 E-250 started at $31,055 MSRP, and the Transit-250 starts at $31,510.

– The addition of the Transit to the Ford line-up is expected to create about 5,000 American jobs in the Kansas City area, including several businesses that will specialize in building rack & bin configurations as well as specialized bodies for the commercial cutaway and cab-chassis models.

2015 Ford Transit Asheville Waynesville Canton
Seriously though, we could talk all day about how incredible this vehicle is going to be. If you want to talk specifics with us about configurations – GVWR, engine specs, technology options (there are a lot!), payload and towing capacities, more info about its construction – we would love to talk about it. You can call us at (828) 648-2313or contact us through our website: www.kwford.com

Order banks are open now, and they should start getting delivered before the summer is out.