A Real Car Buying Experience at Ken Wilson Ford – Paul C. and his F-250

At a car dealership, there’s nothing better than when a customer comes back in and tells you how much he loves his new vehicle.

A couple weeks ago, Paul C. purchased a new 2012 Ford F-250 here at Ken Wilson Ford, and he was in the neighborhood, so he stopped by to tell us how much he loved his new truck. I sat down with him to talk about his truck, what his plans are with it, and what his car buying experience was like.

He used to own an F-150, and was originally planning on trading in for a used F-150, but when he took a test drive of a Super Duty F-250 with a Powerstroke Turbodiesel engine, he was hooked. Since he uses his truck to pull his travel trailer, the extra power of the F-250 was important to him.

Paul C. 2012 F-250 Lariat

Paul C. and his new 2012 F-250 Lariat

Some excerpts of the interview are below:

Eric Bridges (Digital Media Coordinator at Ken Wilson Ford): So, you used to have an F-150, and you used it to pull a 26 foot travel trailer? It was pulling it, but kind of…

Paul C.: Yeah, the F-150 did an ok job. Coming up real hard hills, I could start the hill going 65 at the bottom of the hill, and be going 45 when I got to the top. With this [Ford F-250], I can start at the bottom going 65, and be going 65 when I get to the top.

EB: And now you’ve got a 31-foot [travel trailer]?

PC: And the result is exactly the same. It has extreme power. I mean, if you need to get out of the way, you just hit the gas pedal. Oh – the *diesel* pedal!

EB: So its a diesel?

PC: Yup. It’s a turbodiesel. I’ve never owned a diesel before.

EB: How do you like it?

PC: I love it. I mean, its different. It’s a little – I don’t want to say noisy, because its not noisy. It just sounds different. But its quiet – when you’re driving you don’t even know whats under the hood. Its a quiet vehicle, with tons of juice! I mean, it really does fine for me. And the diesel is just, just extreme torque. That’s what I need to pull the trailer and it does the job.

I could get up and over that area near Black Mountain [near Old Fort on I-40] with no problem. We’re headed to the Rocky Mountains this next summer, so I won’t worry about it not being able to get up a 14,000 foot mountain.

EB: So is there anything about so far that you’re not a huge fan of?

PC: Wow. Hmm. Anything that I don’t like about it… [pause]

At this point, the only thing I can say is that my reverse camera that’s in the rear view mirror, when you put it in reverse, the sensors tend to beep when I don’t think they’re supposed to beep.

But that’s – that’s it! I can’t think of nothing else!

I’ve turned [the sensors] off, because sometimes they work fine, but sometimes its like, its telling me there’s something there, and I’m looking, and there’s not.

Other than that, I mean, all of the buttons and gauges are easy to read, to get to, and to figure out. The Ford SYNC, I haven’t quite “SYNCed” myself up with that yet, because I’m not – I just turn on the Sirius radio, and that’s pretty much it. If I want to use the phone, I’ll use the phone. I’m not into the music downloading and stuff like that yet, but who knows, driving the car across the country, I might get involved – having time to sit in the vehicle and do that.

Other than that, the truck is great. My wife liked it, which I wasn’t sure about, because its a big vehicle compared to what she drives – a Nissan. So this is like, twice the size. She drove it, she likes it. She thinks it handles just like a car, which is very nice. And I would say the same thing too. It just sits higher.

EB: Did you get the – is it a crew cab?

PC: Yeah. Crew cab – the four door. Originally, I didn’t really want one, but then I saw a couple, and the back seat has as much room as the front seat. We tend to travel with people, so this will be a big plus for us. And the dog, you know, gets the whole back seat and she loves that!

EB: You said you got it with the SYNC system, where you can link your phone. Have you found that that’s been useful?

PC: Yeah.

EB: Did you have that on your previous car?

PC: No, no. Definitely not. My other truck and this truck is like the 1960’s vs the 2000’s. There is no comparison between the two vehicles for electronics. I’m just, you know – we got the phone working and everything. I just haven’t SYNCed myself into the other parts of it yet because we’ve been so busy doing other things. My wife likes to tinker with those kinds of things, so when we go on that trip, she’ll be looking in the manuals and stuff like that.

I’m not a young person anymore, so I don’t really need to have fifty thousand million songs in my truck.

But I guess SYNC has the step-by-step turn directions, whatever they call that [Turn-by-turn directions from SYNC Services] . So I kind of like that too.

The only hard part to get used to is the shifter on the [steering] column, because the other one was on the floor, and hers is on the floor, so I’m always reaching for the floor and doing this thing with my hand. Its a little challenging to get used to that part.

EB: Has your [truck] got the manumatic, where you can switch between automatic and manual?

PC: Yes.

EB: Have you used it yet? Do you like it?

PC: Oh yeah. It works great. It’s got the tow/haul mode, and I’ve used that extensively. And around here its – whoever dreamed that up did a good job, because you just hit your foot [on the gas], and the truck gears itself down. That’s a very good part of the truck that I like.

And the manual part, matter of fact, I used that today, going down that mountain. I’m still getting familiar with it. I’ve only had the truck three weeks, four weeks or something like that. Its still a brand new thing to me. And I wash it all the time.

EB: So, what was your car buying experience like – the whole thing? Even before you came here?

PC: Well, it’s a trying experience, because you’re spending that kind of money, and you don’t do it but once every seven years or so, so you’re not really fluid in all the nuances of purchasing a vehicle. So we did a lot of online preparation, I guess, for lack of a better word.

And my goal was to go out and spend a 2011 or something like that, so I wouldn’t have to go out and spend a great deal of money, but I noticed that in an F-250, you can’t find them, because there’s none out there for sale. And the ones that you did find were just a couple thousand less than buying a brand new one. So I made the choice to bite the bullet, and go ahead and spend a couple thousand more dollars, and this one’s a 2012, but it was still untitled, so its brand new to me. Even though the 2014 [models] are coming up soon, that doesn’t affect me, because the truck’s great.

I dealt with probably four different dealers before I ended up here, and we did a lot of phone discussion and stuff, and I did go to [name omitted] Ford and try to buy one of their trucks, and they were just not willing to sell the truck for the price I though it was worth. When I finally said “What’s it gonna take?”, we weren’t even in the same ballpark, so we just let that go.

And then I did a couple internet searches for cars, and they all want you to come in, but they want to lowball you on the trade, and I was just – I was just fed up with it. My friend mentioned about this place – Ken Wilson Ford – and I knew where it was, and I drive by here all the time, so one day, I was going to Asheville and just stopped in.

I met Mike Robinson [salesperson], who took me on a test drive, which is funny, because I said “I don’t need a test drive. I’ve already driven the truck,” and he goes “Mmm. No, you haven’t had a test drive yet.” He did a wonderful job explaining the truck, where the other test drives were “Here’s the keys to the truck. Go drive it.” His experience made the difference for me – his demeanor and everything. It wasn’t high pressure at all, it was like “Here’s what we’ve got, here’s what we can do.” And that’s the way I like to buy things.

So we ended up, I went home, thought about it, talked to my wife, brought her back. Or did I make the decision then? In any case, when she came with me, we bought the truck. I thought it was going to be an hour or two affair, because I had everything submitted and everything, but we were here four hours, between learning about the truck, doing everything.

I thought everybody here, again, did a very professional job, and I’d recommend anybody that I know come here – in fact, I already have, a couple people. I even mentioned Mike, because he was a very personable guy to get along with.

So it was a really good experience here – the other ones, I was ready for it, I knew what I was getting into. It worked out that this place was to my liking. That’s why I ended up here.

You know, [the other car dealerships] weren’t bad experiences,  they were just like, “Ok, you’re trying to sell me something that costs $60,000.” A little bit of “Gosh, we’d really like to have you buy this” would have been nice. Instead it was like “Here it is. If you want to buy it fine. If not, somebody else will.”

I don’t spend that kind of money, and with that kind of attitude. I just don’t do it.

EB: One last thing. Can I take a picture of you with your new truck? 

PC: Oh yeah! Definitely. In fact, I just washed it before I came over here. It’s out by service right now.

You know, I give Ford extreme credit for this [truck]. Its – I read everything I could read about the three companies and their trucks, and this one seemed to have the things, hands down, above everything the competition had, as far as power to the wheels and stuff. As soon as I drove it and hit the pedal, I was sold. Its a very well engineered vehicle, and that’s what I like about it.

This’ll make my second [F-series truck] now, with my F-150, and now my F-250, it’ll be fifteen years that I’m a Ford truck guy. I started out on Toyotas, or maybe Nissans, I can’t remember. They were nice, but they don’t drive anything like these, that’s for sure!

EB: Well, thanks so much for your time talking with me today. I’m really glad to hear that you had such a good experience here with us. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

PC: It’s been a pleasure talking to you as well!

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