Safety Features for the 2013 Ford Escape

It’s a difficult fact to face, but nearly 11 million car accidents happen every year in the United States, resulting in around 40,000 fatalities and millions of injuries. In an effort to keep you as safe as possible on the road, the 2013 Ford Escape comes standard with many different types of security features, both to help you prevent an accident, and to help keep you safe in the event of an accident.

The 2013 Ford Escape is considered a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, and received an overall 4-Star rating (Frontal Crash: 4-star, Side Crash: 5-star, Rollover: 4-star) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Accident Prevention
Safety During an Accident
Children and Teens

Accident Prevention

The 2013 Ford Escape offers a number of safety features to help prevent accidents. Most of these are standard features, and come on all trim levels of the Escape.

Every 2013 Ford Escape comes standard with Power Disc Brakes with the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). ABS helps a driver to maintain control of the vehicle in the event that they have to brake suddenly. It automatically senses when the wheels are about to start skidding and releases the brakes for just a fraction of a second so that they don’t ever lose traction with the road. This way, you can maintain greater control over the vehicle without skidding.

In addition, every 2013 Ford Escape comes equipped with AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Curve Control. In a nutshell, this electronic stability control system uses gyroscopic sensors to measure how quickly you are going around a curve, and can apply the brakes to individual wheels to help you maintain control without slipping and without rolling over.

Another standard feature on every 2013 Ford Escape is the SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft system. With this system, every vehicle is programmed with a unique code, and can only be started using a key paired with that code. If a key programmed with a different code, or no code, is used, the vehicle simply won’t start. This makes it much more difficult for your vehicle to be stolen, since a potential thief would need to have a uniquely programmed key in order to start your vehicle.

Every Ford Escape comes with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which has been standard on Ford vehicles for several years. This system monitors the tire pressure in each tire, and alerts you if one tire is getting low or is over-inflated.

Another feature found on every Ford Escape is the BeltMinder system, which chimes and flashes an alert every 30 seconds for five minutes if the driver or the front passenger are unbuckled while the vehicle is running.

There are several different Sensing and Driver Assist Technologies that come optional on the 2013 Ford Escape. Among them are:

  • Reverse Sensing (Optional on the SEL and Titanium Trim Levels)
  • Forward Sensing (Optional on SEL and Titanium, with the Parking Technology Package)
  • Rear Camera (Optional on SEL and Titanium, with the Parking Technology Package)
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) (Optional on SEL and Titanium, with the Parking Technology Package)
  • Cross Traffic Alert System (Optional on SEL and Titanium, with the Parking Technology Package)
  • Active Park Assist (Optional on SEL and Titanium, with the Parking Technology Package)

With the EcoBoost engines, on trim levels SE, SEL, and Titanium, you can also opt for Intelligent 4-Wheel-Drive. When running the vehicle in 4WD (not recommended on paved roads, but very useful in off-road or slippery driving conditions), the onboard computer will measure the traction and slippage of each individual tire, and re-route power to those wheels that have the most traction. For example, if you’re on a muddy road, the vehicle will automatically direct power away from the wheels that are slipping in the mud, and toward the wheels that have traction. This way, you can maintain better control of the vehicle no matter what the road conditions are.

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Safety During an Accident

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable, no matter how many preventative actions are taken or how many preventative features are equipped on the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the 2013 Ford Escape has several features designed to keep you as safe as possible.

The 2013 Ford Escape is equipped with seven airbags, which deploy automatically in the event of an accident:

  • Dual-Stage Front Airbags (Driver and Passenger sides)
  • Safety Canopy System Side-Curtain Airbags and Rollover sensor (Driver and Passenger sides)
  • Driver’s Knee Airbag, designed to reduce the incidence of leg and knee injuries
  • Front Seat Side Airbags (Driver and Passenger sides)

In addition, the Escape is equipped with 3-point seat belts and adjustable headrestraints for every seat, and front seat-belt pre-tensioners.

The Escape is also equipped with the SOS Post-Crash Alert System, which, in the event of a crash where the airbag deploys or the seat belt pre-tensioners are activated, will unlock all of the doors, flash the hazard lights, and sound the horn until the system is either deactivated (by pressing button for the hazard lights), or until the battery runs out of power. This system is designed to help emergency and first-responders find the vehicle if it is not visible from the road. There is always the chance that this system or the car’s battery could be damaged in the crash, in which case it may or may not function properly.

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Children and Teens

The 2013 Ford Escape comes equipped with the LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tether Anchors for Children) for safely tethering car seats or booster seats in the second row. In addition, it is equipped with Child Safety Locks on the rear doors, to help keep young children from accidentally opening the doors while driving.

The Escape also comes equipped with the MyKey system, which allows you to program individual keys with their own settings and tracking ability. This way, if you have a teen driver, you can create custom settings like:

  • Top Speed Limit
  • Maximum Audio Volume Limit
  • Persistent BeltMinder (which mutes the radio and chimes until all seatbelts are fastened)
  • Early Low Fuel Warnings

The MyKey system can also track how many miles are driven on a particular key, so when your teenager claims to be going simply to and from school every day, you can check how many miles were driven and confirm his claims.

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For more information on the many features on the Escape, be sure to check out the rest of our Shopping Guide for the 2013 Ford Escape.


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