Letter to the Editor of Motor Trend magazine – July 2013

Recently, our very own Frank Towson, Internet Department manager, sent in this letter to the editor of Motor Trend magazine.

After reading “The Big Test”, comparing 5 full-size sedans, from July 2013, I found myself appalled at the poor showing given to the Ford Taurus. I work for a Ford dealership, and I proudly stand behind the products we sell. I was thoroughly disappointed in the errors and misrepresentation that the Taurus received in this article.

The Taurus you tested was an SEL trim level, which is upper mid-range for the model, while the Avalon, et al were well-equipped, top-of-the-line examples. A more fitting example, a true “apples to apples” comparison, would have used a Taurus Limited (which would have also put the Taurus in a comparable price range, around $39,000-$41,000).

A particularly egregious error was the claim that the Taurus “[has] no preemptive crash avoidance to speak of”, overlooking entirely the Collision Mitigation System available on the Taurus Limited. Immediately after dismissing the Taurus’s lack of safety features, the article listed the many features of the Chrysler 300S – Cross Path Detection, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning. However, a well-equipped Taurus contains all of these features and more – like Active Park Assistance – even if some of the nomenclature is different (Cross Traffic on Taurus, rather than Cross Path).

There were several luxury features overlooked on the Taurus as well, simply because of the lower trim level of the vehicle tested. Like the other sedans, it offers heated and cooled leather seats, a heated rear bench, intelligent access key, push-button start, and class-leading trunk space (20.1 Cubic Feet versus the 18.8 on the Impala, 16.3 on the 300S, 15.9 on the Cadenza, and 16.0 on the Avalon).

All in all, I feel that this article did not give the Taurus a fair showing. I’m not sure if Motor Trend picks which vehicles it tests, or if it is provided by the manufacturer, but Motor Trend should have done a little more research before dismissing the Taurus so completely.


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Frank and Eric (Digital Media Coordinator) put together a video detailing the many features of the Ford Taurus: