The Coolness that is MyFord Touch

This article is about MyFord Touch. I’m not sure if you’re already familiar with what MyFord Touch is, and if not, I’ll get into it in just a second. Before that, I wanted to say this:

When I started writing this article, I started by trying to come up with some kind of attention-grabbing, overly-dramatic way of introducing MyFord Touch, as though its the single-most groundbreaking technology to ever grace the planet earth. I was doing things like dramatically listing off soaring adjectives that induced a “my goodness, what can this be that he’s talking about!” feeling, and things like “In a world filled with incomprehensibly complex technologies, no longer must you be confused!” In short, it was obvious hyperbole and completely overwrought. And that wasn’t what I wanted to convey.

I sure wish these rocks came Bluetooth-ready.

All technology prior to MyFord Touch looks like this.

What I wanted to say about MyFord Touch is this. What I really like about it is not the New-and-High-Tech aspect of it (although it does have some new and very cool technologies in it), it’s that MyFord Touch pulls together all the things that a car-owner and car-driver would find useful, and puts them all within easy, understandable, and intuitive reach. Everything is just right there – simple as that.

Three Ways to Interact

Now some context, for those of you that aren’t familiar with MyFord Touch, here’s some context. The full name for MyFord Touch is actually SYNC with MyFord Touch. It’s an expansion of a feature, SYNC Voice Command, that started showing up as an option in Ford vehicles a few years ago.

There are three ways to interact with MyFord Touch:

  • the 8-inch touchscreen in the center console

  • The two 4.2-inch LCD Productivity Screens on the dashboard (accessible via two steering-wheel mounted 5-button toggle, one for each screen)

  • With your voice, using the SYNC button, located right underneath where your left thumb naturally rests on the steering wheel

From each of these, you can access your bluetooth-paired phone, audio and entertainment functions, climate control, navigation and directions, vehicle history, and more, depending on what your vehicle is equipped with. The two 4.2 inch productivity screens each have their own function: the left screen handles vehicle settings, such as Trip Monitors, MPG calculators, and MyKey settings, while the right allows a limited reproduction and access to the features of the touch screen.

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What’s the point in triple-redundant controls, you ask? The simple answer is that its there when you need it, where you need it. Say you want to switch from listening to the radio to listening to a track on your MP3 player.

MyFord Touch | Ford Vehicles

MyFord Touch Home Screen

If you’re parked, or in a place where you can take your eyes off the road, you can use the 8-inch touchscreen on the center console. If you’re driving, you can press the SYNC Voice Command button on your steering wheel and say “Audio Line In”, or “USB” for an audio device connected via the USB port, whether it be a flash drive with music or an MP3 player. If you’re driving, and you have noisy children in the backseat and you don’t trust that SYNC would hear you over them, you can use the 5-button toggle on the right side of your steering wheel. Having those two 4.2-inch LCD Screens on the dashboard means that you can glance down at it, just like you do to check your speed, and go to Entertainment, then Line-In. Voila!

No matter what scenario you are in, the option you want is just a few seconds away, without you ever putting yourself in danger by taking your eyes off the road. Part of what makes it so easy to glance down at the dashboard LCD Screens is that the entire system is color-coded, and the color-coding matches to the larger 8 inch center console touch screen. This way you can easily see what is selected, either in your peripheral vision or by glancing down, simply by color.

Four Corners

The 8 inch touchscreen on the center console is truly the nerve center of the system though. Every function is displayable here, organized categorically by corner.

Top Left – Yellow – Phone

This is where all of the phone and texting related functions are displayed. From here (or using SYNC commands), you can place a call, look up a number in your contacts, read your text messages (or have SYNC read them to you, if you are driving), or set up a wireless hotspot using your phone, so that passengers can have access to a local WIFI network.

Top Right – Green – SYNC and Navigation

If your vehicle is equipped with on-board Navigation, this is where it would be equipped. Otherwise, this is where you access SYNC services as well as Sirius TravelLink services.

Bottom Left – Red – Entertainment

This is where you access not only radio, CD player and MP3 player, but also USB and other Aux in, as well as HD Radio. One interesting feature associated with HD radio is the ability to Tag songs in iTunes. If a song comes on that you really like, and you want to remember it for later, you simply press Tag this Song, and it will transfer the information about that song into your iPod. That way, the next time you plug your iPod into your computer, you can look through your tagged songs and preview or purchase them from the iTunes store.

Bottom Right-  Blue – Climate

This is the control center for all climate controls. Everything you could need to adjust is found on this screen, including not only fan speed, dual zone controls (if equipped), and temperature, but (depending on the vehicle) controls for heated or cooled seats and more.

All in all, MyFord Touch just makes interacting with your car easier and more fun. For more information, visit

If you’ve got SYNC with MyFord Touch in your vehicle, and you’d like a little more help with getting it set up or understanding how to use it, we offer a Free SYNC and SYNC with MyFord Touch Workshop here at the dealership. You’ll get detailed instruction from two of our knowledgable staff, and then you’ll have the opportunity for one-on-one time in your own vehicle. They’ll even help you link your phone to your vehicle for you!

This workshop is held on the second Saturday of every month, from 9am-11am, here at Ken Wilson Ford.